Mumbo Jumbo Tumbo


Woodies release sophomore album

Mumbo Jumbo Tumbo is the 2nd album release from Bill Wood and the Woodies, the Toronto roots-rock band described by some as “Canada’s best-kept musical secret.” One of the most-often heard comments at a Woodies show is “Was that really one of your own songs?” Never derivative, many of Wood’s songs have the feel of an instant classic.

The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Bill Wood, a Canadian music industry veteran who stepped away from the music industry after a successful bout with the mid-80s pop band Eye Eye to raise his family. Throughout those years, Wood continued to write music, re-entering the scene in 2007 with a solo effort, Take It, and soon afterwards founding the Woodies, featuring respected guitarist Chris Bennett, ace bass player/producer Mark Shannon and drummer Dino Naccarato.

Fixtures on the Toronto roots music scene, the Woodies have honed their craft over a nine-year residency at Graffitti’s, the respected Kensington Market music showplace, as well as other Ontario venues. The 2014 release of the band’s first album, Oh, Look… led to a deal with Fish Records UK and a successful 2015 U.K. tour.

The new record, Mumbo Jumbo Tumbo highlights Wood’s exquisite songwriting skills as well as the musicianship of some of Toronto’s finest players.

Album Reviews

With plenty of twang, and lots of effective guitar from Woodies stalwart Chris Bennett, the proper honky tonk atmosphere is all set for Wood's tight tales of romance, heartache, diners, and other life lessons. Wood's combination of barroom spirit and authentic writing is uplifting.
Bob Mersereau, author of The Top 100 Canadian Blog