Two CDs/T-Shirt Combo

Two CDs/T-Shirt Combo

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Get both of our CDs and a t-shirt together and save.


Bill Wood and the Woodies band t-shirts available in a range of sizes for men and women. We ship to Canada and abroad.


Mumbo Jumbo Tumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Tumbo is the second album release from Bill Wood and the Woodies, the Toronto roots-rock band described by some as “Canada’s best-kept musical secret.” The record highlights lead singer Bill Wood’s exquisite songwriting skills as well as the musicianship of some of Toronto’s finest players.

Oh Look...

Oh Look …, the debut album from Bill Wood and the Woodies, is an honest and direct look at the complexities of life and at how easily we can all mess it up. Opening track ‘Push Ahead’ doesn’t shy away from lead singer Bill Wood’s battles with addiction, but encapsulates it in a celebratory paean to the spirit of keeping going whatever life throws at you. In ‘Monster’, much like Lowe’s ‘The Beast In Me’, we are asked to ‘love the monster in me’ because he doesn’t think he ‘can change yet’. This is music where the song matters: arrangements put the song first before the egos of individual players; not that the playing is ever less than spot-on. Think the tunefulness and fury of Weddings Parties Anything at their peak matched with honest and direct lyrics eschewing any trace of self-pity.

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