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Bill Wood and the Woodies has received critical acclaim for both their albums and live performances. Critics from Canada and abroad have weighed in to praise the band’s grit and musicianship. Here are just a few samples.

“Survivor rock from a true ‘been there, done that’ veteran. All the wild times and crazy characters are here, with no apologies, few regrets and a couple of cautionary tales. There’s also room for a love story or two in this very human collection.”

~ Bob Mersereau, author of The Top 100 Canadian Blog

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“Bill Wood and the Woodies is what really happens when the songs are the main event. When 30 years of songwriting, honed over decades of hard life experiences, meets the craftsmanship of career musicians who don’t know what it means to compromise.”

~ Sanda Graham, Editor-in-Chief, Cashbox Canada magazine

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“The Woodies are an excellent band with guitarist Chris Bennet shining with some tasty solos and colouring the songs with subtle touches (in a way not too dissimilar to Mike Campbell on Tom Petty’s songs).”

~ Craig Chaligne, Reviews Editor, Louder Than War

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“Some singers, like Nick Lowe and Graham Parker, have the knack of reformatting the punk sneer and growl into something that perfectly fits the roots-rock template of their music. Bill Wood shares this talent. Oh Look … is an honest and direct look at the complexities of life and at how easily we can all, Bill included, mess it up.”

~ Peter Tomkins, Reviewer, R2 Magazine

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